Money Refund Policy

Money Refund Policy

We at LSGI E-Learning Private Limited, Hyderabad take Money Refunds Seriously. About as serious as we can get, if you wish to obtain a refund on the amount you have paid to us, you are requested to browse through this page and understand how our refund system works and provided below are some of the issues we encounter for your information before you seek refunds from us.


LSGI may amend its Refund Policy at any time by posting a revised Refund Policy on the Site; you are responsible for regularly reviewing the Site to obtain timely notice of such amendments. You shall be deemed to have accepted such amendments by continuing use of the Site or of your Account after such amendments have been posted or information about such amendments has been sent to you. By using the Site, you are accepting this Refund Policy. If you do not agree to the Refund Policy, please do not use the Site.


Our Service Intention & Support Offering


LSGI products, advertisements & services are for the benefit of student community and we provide with 100% FREE service intention only. We never ask money/payment/fees/others for our services, but, third party technical support needed for the maintenance of the website portal, and may incur applicable fee amount payable to them at the time of your application processing as per their service rules. And our work is intended to be used as a support service to you and not as commercial service. Hence, absolutely no refunds shall be entertained.


Exceptions pertaining to Student Product Support Services

Seeking refund within 24 Hours fee amount/payment done to us, under this circumstances that the fee is lying in our accounts and not forwarded/paid to any Institution/B-School/College/E-Learning Portal/Others on record with us, you get back upto 60% of the fee amount paid value, although we intend to give a 100% refund on your payment done, we incur costs for the payment gateway and accounts, when we return the money to you and hence the 40%.


Exception 1:

Under circumstances that the paid fee paid amount is not lying in our accounts and has been forwarded/deposited/paid to any third party Institution/B-School/College/E-Learning Portal for processing of your application form as per your prior intent & communication made to us, with a forward processing payment record lying with us, you get back NIL from the fee amount value paid to us. And you need to agree to our inability not to refund, at this particular exceptional circumstances arising to us.


Exception 2:

Further, this refund is subject to a genuine reason for cancellation of your payment done to us & seeking refund from us. In case of no reason provided, no refunds will be affected.


Exceptions 3:

After 24 hours of fee payment done to us, no refund is considered & entertained for what so ever reason, but still we may consider the refund issue with immediate proper recorded intimation to us and on personal visit to our office, within 6 days from that time of recorded intimation, with computer generated valid payment done to us receipt & detailed proof of communication had with us and your intent purpose for refund


Exception 4:

After 2 days (48 Hours) of the fee amount payment/deposit done to us, and no recorded intimation to us after 24 hours & within 48 hours after the said payment done to us, no refunds shall be entertained at this stage. Further, we will be in no position to recollect your communication, transaction
& intent need of service support, cancelation of support request put forwarded to us & what so ever reasons arising thereafter to help you seek refund from us, though our service interests are fair & to help our stake holders – students & parents


LSGI Products, Advertisements & Support Services for the Institutions


LSGI offers a product & service on payment made to us 100%, and there are no (NIL) refunds. However, we recognize that exceptional situations may occur, and therefore, we are prepared to provide you with a refund under the circumstances outlined in this document.


Exception 1:

If you have overpaid against the bill / in-voice generated on your institution name – Once payment has been made to us, it cannot be reversed. Your sole remedy in the event of overcharging or overpayment shall be a mail communication to us within two business days (48 Hours).


Exception 2:

If your Advertisements were not featured on the Service due to a technical error, malfunction, or failure, you must submit a claim to us through mail communication, If you do not properly contact us during this period, you agree that we may construe your lack of contact or silence as an acceptance of the Services performed on your behalf, with no further right of redress or refund for such claim.

We will thoroughly investigate the claim, and shall have the sole discretion in determining whether to accept your refund request within three business days (72 Hours) of its receipt of your request. In the event your request is accepted, we will refund you the overpaid portion of the amount.



LSGI has an unconditional right at its sole discretion to refuse to accept any material for publication, distribution & advertisement without giving any reason. While every endeavour will be made to meet the wishes of advertisers, the website does not guarantee the insertion of any particular advertisement.


Advertisements, Errors & Omissions


In the event of any error or omission in the insertion of an advertisement or part of an advertisement, the website will either re-insert the advertisement or relevant part of the advertisement as the case may be or extend the insertion of the advertisement until proportionate period of insertion lapse in the website & will make no refund.

The placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the above conditions and the customer will indemnify website and its employees and agents against all claims, actions, damages, demands, cost and expenses that may arise from the publication of an advert place by the customer.


Advertisement Renewals, Rights & Exclusions


All ongoing campaigns must be renewed at least two weeks before expiry. Silence will mean renewal unless communication is received to the contrary. The website reserves the right to cancel the order at any time by giving reasonable notice before the next insertion The copyright for all purposes in all artwork, copy and other material that the website or their employees have contributed to or reworked shall vest in LSGI
The customers, advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on the website complies with applicable laws, codes and regulations. We exclude to the fullest extent permitted by law any responsibility for any error or inaccuracy appearing in any advertising or sponsorship material.


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