Delivery & Shipment Policy

Delivery & Shipment Policy


Presently we are not charging any extra money, NIL amounts for shipment of the product ordered by our customers / students & paid product fee at the time of registration with us from our product offerings in the website which fall under shipment category.

The order will be delivered within a 7 to 10 days period of time through the best in class courier services present in the market at that time. Also the shipment is done within 2 days of placing the order with us and the same is not under cancellation or refund request through any kind of request
communication made to us.

Sometimes, the ordered product will be shipped from our corporate office or from the third party office tied-up with standard MoU with us. Also, depending on the order need & urgency, if the customer is agreed & ok for the immediate shipment service from us to save time, the shipping of
the product is done through available E-Mail services in softcopy (digital document format), also, almost all our products can be shipped through online medium over the internet to avoid delay in shipping the product, and the digital format will bring down the time lapse arising out of physical shipping / courier.



All our deliverable products which need physical presence of the customers / students are delivered with a specific schedule (session planning) or time frame at a designated education delivery centre or class room linked to that product ordered with us. All the education delivery will happen in our designated locations only, and we except students got purchased products, paid fee & registered with us, will travel / commute on their own self to reach on time to the designated delivery centre or class room as per the product delivery schedule ( session planning ) with them already present on
hand, shipped / E-Mailed to them, we will not pay any extra TA/DA for the registered customers / students to attend the education delivery of the respective registered product for which they paid fee to us.


Delivery Limitation

Any absence of the customers / students at the designed education delivery centre is considered as present, and the ordered product is delivered to them, also the absence of the customers / students continuously for 3 days (72 Hours) for the delivery centre is treated / considered as “The Complete Education Product is Delivered” to the customer who purchased the said product from us. Any acceptance of said absence at the delivery centre will not be considered as accepted by us, to deliver the sessions lapsed / missed by them, instead we consider the lapsed sessions as delivered & attended by our customers / students.


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